To Do List

Step 2: Identify the Projects


The Project List

So here we are.

Step 2. Identify and Define the Projects that support the Initiative.

Creating the list should be easy, at least at first. After all, I’ve got a long list of projects to draw from. However, I need to be careful. Some projects I’ve been on will have information that is not “share-able,” and some are just not going to be entertaining.

For this post, I think we should just try to get a list down, and then create another post to cover Step 3: ¬†Prioritize the Projects according to Business Value. That way, I can focus on getting a complete list now, and business value later. Ah, what a great example of a wonderful “Best Practice” when it comes to Project Management. When facing a large or complex task list, break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks! Off the top of my head, the un-ordered list looks like this:

  • Kitchen Renovation
  • A Experiment (or two)
  • A Cartoon Project with the Kids
  • A Farm Table for a Friend
  • An Online, Private Photo Album for My Family
  • Photo Project with Pop Based on Old Cars
  • Creative Photo Project and Wood Printing
  • My Website
  • My Wife’s Website
  • My Wife’s Business Office’s Website
  • The River Table Idea
  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Tree House for the Kids
  • The Mustang Renovation
  • My Older Son’s Bedroom: “Ocean Walls”
  • My Younger Son’s Bedroom: “Dr. Suess”
  • My Older Son’s Bedroom 2: “Dragon Wall”
  • My Younger Son’s Bedroom 2: “Also Dragon Walls”
  • ….AND various and sundry work-related projects as inspiration dawns on the old dome (to be named as I see fit)

(Please Note: I used Bullet Points here…not numbers. Numbers would have meant something different to the reader. This is a good example of implied content. I know this may seem obvious to many, but it’s a good thing to keep in mind!)

So there’s the initial list. Since I view this as a living document, I want to keep coming back to this one, through comments or actual page edits. Right now, I’m currently working three projects in my spare time: My Wife’s Business Office Website, the Kid’s Cartoon Project and A Farm Table for a Friend. Those will be the first ones to get a published post. The others will bubble up based on Step 3:¬†Prioritize the Projects according to Business Value.

Thanks for Reading!