What to Say

What Do I Say First?


Hmmm. Great question! Well, to quote the great Brian Regan, “Let me answer that by asking you this….” No seriously, in order to answer the question AND stay true to my Project Management roots, I have to envision a successful long-term result and THEN work my way back to the this one single introductory post! (You DID notice that my website tagline reads “An Incurable Project Geek,” yes?)

And there it is…the great Project Management Conundrum. In order to get started, we have to be able to define success at the end of an endeavor, but doing so makes it all too easy to get stuck in a “question/plan/question more/plan more” death spiral and never ACTUALLY get started! How do I get started on a website that is both memoir and current events of my personal love of all things project? What does a successful narrative of personal and professional projects past, present and future look like? Where do I start?

Well…we get back to basics!

  1. Define the Initiative.
  2. Identify and Define the Projects that support the Initiative.
  3. Prioritize the Projects according to Business Value.
  4. Plan and Implement the Project that offers the most Business Value FIRST.
  5. Review, edit and re-prioritize the Projects list.
  6. Repeat as needed!

So Step 1: Define the Initiative

So, the way I see it, this first post’s objective is to define my initiative, and begin discussion of the Projects on my life’s list. (Please note that I capitalize Project every time…they are THAT important to me).  And now that I have a picture of success for this first post, it seems pretty easy!

The Initiative of shawntmatthews.com is to develop my personal brand by chronicling the wins and losses of every Project I have done, am doing or will do in a way that is entertaining, informative and honest.

  • I want to celebrate the wins, and acknowledge the lessons learned. (One of the great things about being a Project Management Professional is that there are no losses, only lessons learned!)
  • I want to talk about the similarities between all of my Projects, and honor their idiosyncrasies.
  • I want people who read this blog to want to do Projects on their own…
  • And I want them to want to talk to me about their Projects.

Listen folks, everything we do in life can be defined as a Project without any extra engineering. A Project is simply a list of things that need to get done by a certain time, to a certain level of quality and cost a certain amount of money. We all know that building a tree house is a Project. But getting groceries is also a Project. Getting two kids to two different soccer games at two different locations at the same time is a Project. And yes, blogging about Project Management is a Project.

So there it is…my first post, defining the initiative of my blog. My next goal will be to do a new (albeit ongoing) post identifying all the Projects that I need to discuss. I want that post to be a living document where I actively go through the basic steps listed above. I’ll have to work out details on how to best do that, but hey…sounds like a mini-Project. YESSS.

Thanks for listening!